Powering the next generation of online identities

Avatars are an increasingly important part of our daily lives. People use avatars in games, in VR/AR, virtual events, and in social apps.

Our goal is to give every person an avatar that they love and appreciate.

Wolf3D avatar technology

We founded the company in 2014, and our first product was a professional, hardware-based 3D scanner. We operated our scanners in public places like airports, museums, and conference halls around the world.

We scanned more than 20,000 people and collected a massive database of high-quality face scans in the process.

This proprietary database of face scans allowed us to build a deep-learning solution that creates perfect virtual avatars from a single selfie on any device.

Wolf3D Julia avatar

We build our customers a world-class avatar systems their users deserve. Wolf3D works with Tencent, Huawei, HTC, Vodafone, and H&M, among many others.

Wolf3D logos

Wolf3D is also the creator of the cross-game avatar platform Ready Player Me We help users create an avatar they can use across many virtual experiences and give develop-ers an easy-to-use tool for building avatar-based experiences.

Wolf3D personal 3d avatars